Best Medium to Large Rice Cookers 2020

Cook a lot of rice or cook for a family? Then you probably need a medium to large capacity rice cooker. Unless you’re cooking for large groups, a 6-cup rice cooker is more than adequate for most families. Or for big families and rice lovers, a 10-cup rice cooker is best for large batches.

Or maybe you need something in between. Some brands – like Black & Decker and Cuisinart – offer an 8-cup model rice cooker.

If you want a quick and easy way to compare the top rated, medium to large rice cookers for 2020 – you’re on the right page. If you’re looking for a rice cooker with more functions that can do more, then have a look at my reviews for the best digital rice cookers or multi-cookers for 2020.

I’ve taken the hard work out of shopping online by doing all the research and product comparisons for you. Here you’ll find everything you need to choose the best medium to large rice cooker to buy for your family.

This list includes the best sellers available on Amazon. Ranked at least 4 stars and above by customers that have bought and cooked with the products. They outperform other basic rice cookers in this category for cooking 6, 8 and up to 10 cups of uncooked rice. Large enough to prepare a regular family meal or a feast.

My recommendations…

My favourite is the Zojirushi NHS-10 6-cup (uncooked) rice cooker. It also comes in a 10-cup size if you cook for a large family or groups of rice lovers. I love the simplicity of this appliance. It cooks perfect rice every time and keeps it warm, without all the fancy extras. And, it comes from Zojirushi – a company with a solid reputation for quality and durability, especially when it comes to rice cookers.

No matter which product you choose – whether based on brand, price or features you like – you’ll end up with a fantastic rice cooker.

So, let’s find the right one for you.

Best Medium to Large Rice Cookers: 6-10 cups (uncooked rice)

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Rice Cooker Expert Reviews – Medium to Large Rice Cookers

Black + Decker 8-Cup (uncooked) Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

Brand: Black + Decker (model – White, RC516)
Capacity: 16-cup cooked/8-cup uncooked rice; 14-cup and 28-cup (cooked rice) also available.
Dimensions: 11.5 x 11.5 x 9.25 inches

Black+Decker just made cooking dinners a lot easier with this 16-cup (cooked) rice cooker. Cooking takes around 20 to 40 minutes, and the unit keeps the delicious, fluffy rice warm and ready to serve long after cooking is complete. It comes with a steaming basket that lets you prepare healthy meals with vegetables, fish, and more. The non-stick bowl is dishwasher-safe and the tempered glass lid makes cleaning up easy. Plus, you can use the cooker to prepare soups, stews, and even oatmeal.


  • Two Heat Settings – “cook” and then automatically switches to “warm” when rice is ready to keep it warm, ready for serving.
  • Ready indicator lights.
  • Dishwasher safe removable non-stick bowl and tempered glass lid for easy cleaning.
  • Steaming basket can be used for vegetables, fish and more.
  • Use the cooker to prepare other dishes such as soups, stews, and oatmeal.


  • No auto-off switch when keeping rice warm so you must remember to turn it off.

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Zojirushi 6-Cup (uncooked) Rice Cooker

Brand: Zojirushi (model NHS-10)
Capacity: 6-Cup (uncooked) rice; also comes in 10-cup
Dimensions: 8.50 x 10.50 x 8.50 inches

This conventional rice cooker and steamer is easy-to-use with single switch control and see-through glass lid with a stay cool knob. Stainless steel steaming tray lets you cook more food than rice. The automatic keep warm function keeps it all warm and tasting fresh after the cooking is done. Perfect if you need a basic rice cooker that will serve up to 12 cups of perfectly cooked rice. Customers also report using it to cook perfect oatmeal.


  • Easy-to-use single switch control.
  • See-through glass lid with stay cool knob.
  • Stay cool handles for easy transport.
  • Durable non-stick inner cooking pan.
  • Removable cord makes it easy to store.
  • Zojirushi is one of the most well-known and best brands for Japanese rice cookers.


  • Steam release valve/vent hole in the lid spits out steam that some customers found can get a bit messy.

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Cuisinart 8-Cup Rice Cooker

Brand: Cuisinart (model CRC-800P1)
Capacity: 8-15 cups (cooked) rice; also comes in 10 cup grain & multi-cooker
Dimensions: 12.20 x 11.30 x 11.10 inches

With its sleek design this brushed stainless steel square rice cooker fits into any modern kitchen while making it easy to cook the perfect rice dish. Its steam vent helps to prevent splattering, while its chrome-plated handles stay cool to the touch. Cooks different grains like couscous, polenta and oatmeal as well as different types of rice. The built-in steam tray lets you cook other food in a healthy way with little effort, while the rice is cooking. The stainless-steel finish and non-stick coating inner pot makes cleaning up easy and no fuss.


  • Brushed stainless steel housing for easy cleaning and stay-cool chrome-plated handles.
  • Traditional lever control with warm and cook settings
  • Automatically switches to warm when rice is cooked
  • Stainless steel steaming pot
  • Retractable cord for easy storage
  • Cooks various types of rice, as well as couscous, polenta, oatmeal and boiled eggs plus recipe book suggest mouth-watering recipes and gourmet meals for you to try.


  • May have boil-over issues with large quantities of rice if the steam tray is not in place.

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