Best Rice Cooker Reviews 2020

Best Small Rice Cookers – 5 cups or less

Not sure what size is right for you? Small rice cookers are great for cooking fluffy rice for one or two people – like singles, couples or students living in dorm rooms. They take up less space and can be easier to clean than larger cookers. And don’t let the size fool you – some of the best rated rice cookers are small.

Small Rice Cookers - 5 cups

Best Medium to Large Rice Cookers: 6 – 10 cups

Cook a lot of rice or cook for a family? Then you probably need a medium to large capacity rice cooker. Unless you’re cooking for large groups, a 6-cup rice cooker is more than adequate for most families. Or for big families and rice lovers, a 10-cup rice cooker is best for large batches.

quality rice cooker meal

Best Digital Rice Cookers

Fuzzy logic refers to technology inside the rice cooker. It adjusts the cooking time and temperature, as needed by the type of grain. You end up with perfect rice, every time. They can be more expensive than the basic model rice cooker. But the results are worth it if you know what you’re looking for.

Best Digital Rice Cookers

Best Multi-Cookers

Do you need a versatile appliance that does more than cook rice? Maybe you have a small kitchen or live in a motorhome or RV and can’t have too many different appliances. Then a rice cooker that’s also a steamer, slow cooker and/or electric pressure cooker may be what you’re looking for.

Best Multil Cookers

More Information about Buying the Best Rice Cooker

Still not sure which rice cooker is right for you? Go back to basics and read the Rice Cooker Expert Buying Guide. And read the frequently asked questions about cooking rice that I’ve answered for you.

You’ll find a few tips about defining what product features are important to you. Then you can look for the best rice cooker that will provide the most value. It can help you compare each model when price is not the only factor to consider.