Avoid These 3 Complaints When Buying a Rice Cooker

Have you ever bought something new and regretted it soon after? Buyer’s remorse is that sense of disappointment after buying something new. It usually comes after buying something too expensive that you didn’t really need. Or buying a product that doesn’t do what you were expecting it to do and it fails to meet your expectations.

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There are 3 complaints you read about most often after buying a new rice cooker. And here’s how to avoid them.

My new rice cooker is too big, too small or just not right!

Goldilocks was able to try each bed belonging to the three bears before finding the one that was just right! Unfortunately, you can’t try all the rice cookers before you buy. In fact, one of the most common complaints after purchase is “it’s the wrong size”

So, unless you want to end up buying a rice cooker that is too big or too small here are two things you can do:

Before you start shopping, read the Rice Cooker Buying Guide . Get clear on what capacity or cup size you need for your home.

Before you click the BUY button, double check the product specifications.

Rice cookers come in various sizes. The size or capacity of a rice cooker can be measured in cups of uncooked or cooked rice. Sometimes the product description isn’t clear It’s easy to think you’re buying a 6-cup rice cooker for your family of 5. But then you end up with a small, 3-cup rice cooker being delivered to your home. Double check whether the cup size is referring to “cooked” or “uncooked” rice before you decide to buy.

TIP: Also check the product specifications for material and where the unit is manufactured. If you have a choice: stainless steel and made in Japan are the best options.

The rice is too moist or too dry or overcooked…

Goldilocks complained that the first bowl of porridge was too hot; the second bowl was too cold and the third was just right! Complaints about cooked rice are usually because the cook isn’t following instructions. There is a proven formula or water-to-rice ratio for perfect rice. The first time you use your new rice cooker – follow the instructions provided. Even if you’re the type of person that doesn’t like to read the manual. Read the instructions before you start using your new appliance.

Each rice cooker generally comes with its own plastic measuring cup. But what you probably don’t know is that this cup may not be exactly one standard U.S. measuring cup. It’s important to use the cup included with the cooker to achieve the best result.

The recipe for cooking rice is usually add one cup of water for each cup of rice. But the instructions for cooking white rice may be different to other types of rice. This can also be different from one appliance to the next. So, it’s important to first read the instructions for your appliance. And don’t forget to use the same cup to measure the rice and the water.

Some cooks even add oil and salt to the rice or add an extra half a cup of water. First, try cooking plain white or brown rice using the instructions provided. Then you can experiment with the ratios and adding ingredients. Once you’ve worked out the right way to cook rice, trying out new recipes is half the fun of cooking with a new appliance.

If you followed the instructions and it still doesn’t taste right, then you may have a faulty appliance.

I want to return my rice cooker.

Great, you bought a new rice cooker! But for whatever reason, you’re not happy with it and you want to return it. It may not work properly, or it’s the wrong size or not what you were expecting. Every store – whether online or shopfront – has a returns and refund policy.

Here’s my tip. If you have any doubts about what you’re buying, check the return policy and money back guarantees before you buy. You don’t want to end up with a rice cooker that you’ll never use.

Amazon makes it easy and offers you a variety of ways to return an item . Refunds may differ based on the condition of the item, how long you’ve had it and where you bought the item. Be aware of any refund conditions and who pays the shipping costs to return an item. Especially if the item isn’t faulty and you simply change your mind.

So to avoid these common complaints, before you buy your new rice cooker:

  • Read the product specifications. Make sure you choose the right size (based on cooked or uncooked rice).
  • Read the Return and Refund policy, especially if you’re not 100% sure this is the right product for you.

When you finally get your new rice cooker home, read the instructions before you start cooking your first batch of rice. Don’t assume that the rice-to-water ratio is the same with every appliance or for every type of rice.

Still not sure? Read the Rice Cooker Buying Guide for tips on buying the best rice cooker for your home.

Can’t wait to get started? Try out some of my favorite recipes or create your own and let me know how you go.